See why thousands are choosing Groopeze.

Easy Booking

Simply book using our easy-click and invite process.

Transparent Prices

See the cost of each individual item per person before you book so you know the exact cost down to a tee.

Simple Payments

Forget chasing the money, each member pays only what they owe when they are ready

Book now, pay later

No payment is needed to book (payment due in full six weeks before start date)

Effortless Invites

Use our hassle free system to send email, Facebook and text message invites to the proposed group

Group Management

Track numbers, rsvp’s & member activity choices with our group management platform


See what our users have said about GROOPEZE


The GROOPEZE platform is being used by all of our customers for the management and payment of their group bookings. They love it!!


- www.thestagsballs.com


The software does exactly what we need to handle all of our bookings. It has reduced our admin time and boosted our productivity by over 50%.


- www.thefoxyhen.com


The management system tools are perfect, and very easy to use. We could all see what everybody else was doing and we didn't have to pay for things we didn't do.


Deirdre Foy


Using Groopeze made my life so much easier. I didn't have to chase my pals for money and I could keep a track of who paid.


Gavin Walshe

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